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Mission Statement: United Francisville Civic Association’s mission is to improve the quality of life for its residents and businesses.

UFCA serves Francisville residents and businesses by:

  • Promoting neighborhood events for residents of all ages and civic involvement
  • Guiding redevelopment, new construction projects, and zoning enforcement in a manner that is sensitive to our neighborhood’s heritage and historic standards
  • Maintaining clean, safe, and attractive tree-lined streets, well-kept playgrounds, gardens, and community gathering spaces
  • Creating awareness around city programming
  • Coordinating with City of Philadelphia agencies to improve our neighborhood and quality of life
  • Supporting vibrant commercial corridors
  • Serving as a reliable, transparent, and accountable resource for residents and businesses
  • Fostering well-being, inclusiveness, and diversity throughout our community

The Francisville neighborhood is bounded by the south side of Girard Avenue, the north side of Fairmount Avenue, and between the east side of Corinthian Avenue and the west side of Broad Street.

Interim Officers

UFCA’s Interim Officers are:

  • Interim President: Jason Tucker
  • Interim Vice President: Darlene Cerullo
  • Interim Secretary: Susan Mills
  • Interim Treasurer: Vivek Tomer

Elections for the 2019 UFCA Officers will take place at the January Community Meeting on Wednesday, January 9, 2019. We encourage interested parties to run for an officer position!