UFCA Committees are volunteer-driven committees tasked with addressing various quality of life issues in Francisville. We would love residents to join one or more committees! 

Public Safety Committee

Description: The Public Safety Committee will address concerns on a variety of safety and health issues throughout the Francisville neighborhood.  Concerns can range from repainting cross-walks or installing new ones, requesting new stop signs, repaving sidewalks, dog waste/dumping, crime prevention, enhancing street lighting, maintaining safe bike lanes, and maintaining a strong relationship with our local police and fire agencies.

City Programs & Resources Committee

Description: The City Programs and Resources Committee will meet 1-2 times a month to identify and discuss programs and resources offered by the City of Philadelphia (as well as other partner groups) that could benefit Francisville residents. The committee will serve as the liaison between city departments and the UFCA to coordinate presentations by program representatives at UFCA meetings. The committee will also serve residents by connecting them directly to City services where appropriate.   

Fundraising & Outreach Committee

Description: The Fundraising & Outreach Committee is created for the specific purpose of fundraising and outreach.  Fundraising is an essential component of the Civic Association to cover various operating expenses (website, insurance, facility fees, etc) as well as contribute to programming that will benefit the community as a whole.  Outreach is directed towards increasing the visibility of the Association in reaching out to the general public, businesses, and community groups throughout Francisville.

Communications & Events Committee

Description: The Communications & Events Committee is responsible for being the voice of UFCA. The committee maintains the website, social media presence (Facebook,  Nextdoor), e-newsletter, and general marketing for UFCA. More broadly, this Committee will promote neighborhood news, activities, and UFCA’s monthly meetings, as well as assisting other committees with planning and promoting events such as the holiday social.

Zoning Committee

Description: The Zoning Committee will meet 1-2 times per month to review development projects that require zoning variances. The Committee will sit down with developers, zoning attorneys, and architects to look at projects in depth and ask questions about the design, layout and impact on the Community. The Committee will provide developers with feedback prior to the Community meeting so that the project may be revised to be more appealing to Francisville residents. The developers will then present the project to the Community, at which time a vote will take place.