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  • Zoning Committee Update
    • At the upcoming May 12 UFCA Community Meeting, a developer will be sharing a presentation for the property known as the “Triangle Lot” – the large lot bounded by 19th St, Wylie St, Cameron St, and Vineyard St.
      • The project is currently “by right” which means that there will be no vote and no active discussion during the meeting. As a “by right project”, they are not coming to UFCA for any variances, but rather as a courtesy to share the project with the community.
    • A form will be shared during the May meeting so community members have the chance to provide feedback that the UFCA Zoning Committee will share with the developers.
    • If you’re new to the neighborhood, to UFCA, or just want to learn more about the deep history of the property, please read more on the UFCA website.
  • UFCA is still seeking interested residents for the role of Zoning Chair and Vice President. If you are interested in learning more about these important volunteer roles, please email info@unitedfrancisville.com.